Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities are an academic strategy that link academics to on-campus living. Each Georgia Tech community is an integrated experience that promotes interactions between faculty and students, fosters collaboration among students, enhances campus and civic engagement, and eases both the academic and social transition to college.

First Year Communities

Students admitted to Georgia Tech can apply to Explore, Global Leadership, Grand Challenges, the Honors Program, and Impact Living Learning Communities as well as the iGniTe Summer Launch Program. While each of these communities offers a different focus, they all offer opportunities to further explore an interest through experiential and academic programming while residing with other students who share that interest. All admitted students can apply via their admission portal. Please visit each community’s website to learn more. 

Global Leadership

Office of International Education

Living and experiencing culture, citizenship, and leadership in the Global Leadership LLC creates cross-culturally savvy problem definers and problem solvers. Global Leadership teams complete projects applying culture-based leadership perspectives to global challenges in technical, social, and political arenas. 


College of Sciences

The Explore LLC connects science and math students interested in undergraduate research and pre-health options with faculty, staff, and professionals across the institute. Students receive interdisciplinary academic support, are encouraged to explore career options, and develop the technical and team-building skills for early access to research and clinical opportunities, all while creating a culture of curiosity and self-discovery amongst their cohort.

Grand Challenges

Division of Student Life

By teaching students how to most effectively utilize servant leadership, Grand Challenges creates change makers who seek empathy and who have an unparalleled opportunity to change the world. At the conclusion of the first year, Grand Challenges’ teams pitch a proposal for a solution to grand challenges facing the world. If accepted, students’ projects are funded by Grand Challenges, and implemented in the following years.

Honors Program

Office of Undergraduate Education

The Honors Program LLC fosters the curiosity, creativity, and innovative capacity of highly motivated learners whose interests span multiple disciplines. Students learn together in small, active-learning classes, with high levels of student-faculty engagement. They extend their learning and build community through interaction in Honors Program residence halls and participation in activities planned by students.


Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Impact through Science, Technology, and Social Good LLC participants explore issues of social justice, diversity, community engagement, and sustainability. Impact provides opportunities for informal discussions among residents of the learning community and faculty and staff partners and enhances students’ intellectual development through participation in common courses.


Office of Undergraduate Education

The iGniTe Summer Launch Program provides entering first-year students an early start on their Tech career. Students enrolled in iGniTe Summer Launch Program take 6-7 credits of core, major, or elective courses, including a 1-credit GT 1000 course in 5 weeks of instructional time. First year students admitted for summer enter Georgia Tech for the late short summer term and participate in iGniTe. First year students admitted for Fall term may also apply to change their admit term to summer to be a part of iGniTe! Students have the opportunity to either commute, or live in traditional-style dorms on Georgia Tech’s campus.

Upper Class Communities

Beginning in their second year, students are invited to apply to the Women, Science, and Technology and the International House Living Learning Communities. Students are contacted in January with information on how to apply. WST and I-House require students to participate in community activities and events and offer optional coursework. Please visit each community’s website to learn more and to apply.

International House

Office of International Education

The International House Living Learning Community is a vibrant community of world cultures, foreign affairs, and enthusiastic students committed to how the world works beyond campus. I-House residents plan numerous events related to international outreach, literature, film, cuisine, sports, cultures, and languages. If you envisioned yourself at college engaging in a world of ideas, cultural activities, and vibrant new horizons that extend well beyond the classroom, or you are genuinely interested in international politics, global trends, intercultural exchange, and foreign languages, literatures, films, and foods, then the I-House may be the place for you.


Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology, the WST Learning Community offers programs addressing academic and professional issues for women students who live together and who connect with one another and faculty through monthly dinners, bi-weekly lunches, campus receptions, and research panels. WST sponsors undergraduate research partnerships for WST Learning Community students, and residents may be paired with a faculty/staff mentor.

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